5 unique islands of Vietnam named after animals

Many islands in the Vietnamese ecosystem named after animals. They are Turtle Island, Monkey Island, Owl Island…which totally catch the tourists’ interest. Coming here, you will have a chance to witness the natural beauty of beach, animal, local activities and enjoy the weird food. Let’s have a look!

Turtle Island

Turtle Island, also called Bamboo Island, is located in the central Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province. It is one of the islands closest to the shore. It has religious structures strongly affected by Vietnamese traditional culture. From a distance, Bamboo Island shapes like a giant turtle.

Turtle Island still keeps its own unspoiled and pristine beauty because there are not many tourists coming here. Therefore, before coming to this place, you should prepare such necessary things as food, drinks, etc.

Stork Island

Stork Island is situated in Thanh Mien District, Hai Duong Province. Visiting this place, the very first impression is the unique natural landscape with thousands of storks lie on the branch of bamboo, bushes.

On the windy days, both local and foreign tourists around the world come to Stork Island. They aim at seeing a lot of storks covering the whole areas. Especially, the great time for seeing them is from September to April. At this period, storks build their nests, so you can see little storks swallow and the way they look after their children.

Whale Island

Nha Trang is not only known as a great seaside town but also famous for many pristine and azure islands. Whale Island, also called Ong Island is the place containing many beautiful places and great beaches.

Beach in this island is very clear and pure so that you can see the whole undersea world. In addition, there are many interesting activities you can join such as diving or sailing kayak, etc.

Monkey Island

Located in Can Gio District, Monkey Island is about 50km far from Ho Chi Minh City to the southeast. It processes more than 1,000 monkeys living in the forest. They are very smart; you can feed, play with them and take the pictures of those monkeys easily.

Monkey Island offers a lot of outdoor activities such as fishing, wandering around the beach, discovering Vam Sat rainforest or experiencing the way fishermen sail.

Salangane Islands

Located in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Salangane Islands is the vast place containing thousands of salanganes. They have built their own nests over the years. The best time to visit Salangane Islands is from April to August. One reason is that you can avoid the bad weather condition like storms or the working days of local people who are seeking for bird nests.

To get this place, tourists have to stop at Noi Island. You can see Salangane Islands from this viewpoint. Salangane Islands appear with the pure white color of bird nests. It allows you to immerse yourself into clear sea water with slight waves and vast white sand. In addition, it is very easy to visit other islands such as Ngoai Island, Tham Island from this place by boat.