4 Things to Do in Nam Du islands, Vietnam

Nam Du islands are located in Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province. It is around 83km along the sea lane from Rach Gia City. Nam Du is originally known as unspoiled islands, it nearly contains no professional travel and tourism services. That can be the reason why Nam Du islands have become more attractive than ever.

This place does not only contain the peaceful and majestic landscape, but it also keeps the original beauty with hospitability and friendliness of the locals. There is definitely no reason to ignore Nam Du for your summer vacation.

1. Enjoy the sunset

The most beautiful and popular spot for seeing the sunset is Men Beach. The orange light of the sun perfectly combines with Nam Du’s vast landscape and azure seawater. All of them create a wonderful picture that totally admires you.

At this time, there is nothing you want to do except enjoying the nature’s majestic beauty.

2. See corals under the sea

It is pretty easy to visit Dau Beach from Mau Beach. Therefore, if you are visiting Mau Beach, take a chance to get Dau Beach on the boat. This place is widely famous for the thick and gorgeous coral reefs.

To enjoy the whole beauty of coral reefs, you should prepare the swimming glasses and clothes.

3. Visit the fishing village

In Nam Du islands, tourism has just developed for some recent years. Therefore, it is quite hard to find a luxurious and professional travel service. This, however, can turn into a great thing. You will have a chance to communicate with the hospitable locals. They take you to see wild animals, visit beautiful landscapes, and discover some interesting activities. Definitely, no tourism services can bring you all these great things.

One of the most interesting experiences in Nam Du is visiting Mau Beach. You can ask the local people to pick you up on the boat, catch the oysters for lunch. Hon Mau is famous for azure sea water, but it still contains much rubbish. Therefore, you need to carefully consider if sea-bathing is great or not. In addition, joining the regular activities of the locals, making the fishing nets or just visiting the wooden bridge for taking photographs must be the wonderful experiences.

If you have no chance to visit Mau Beach, Nam Du Harbor Bridge is another great destination you should not miss. It is near some villages, so you can totally experience how Nam Du people’s lives are in this place. In the early mornings, it is very great to get yourself into the bustling flow, visit the local market for buying seafood, enjoy the crowding atmosphere or take the pictures of fresh fish and seafood.

4. Enjoy the dish of needlefish and cuttlefish porridge

Seafood in Nam Du is widely famous for the fresh and delicious taste. The sea urchins have just been caught so they still contain the sea’s odor. Or you can totally enjoy the grilled needlefish which can totally catch your interest.

In Mau Beach, you should not miss the cuttlefish porridge, since this place offers the great dishes with fresh and soft cuttlefish.

In Nam Du, asking the local people for the regular meals brings you the convenience and interesting experience. Meals are very delicious and keep the traditional taste. They usually consist of the grilled needlefish and sour soup.