3 Wonderful Islands in Vietnam You Should Visit

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, these following islands totally catch your interest because of their beauty.

Ly Son Island

For the last three years, Ly Son Island has become an attractive tourist destination due to a majestic and mysterious beauty. Especially, the island boasts many unspoiled features that the modern tourism has not effected on yet.

Coming to Ly Son Island, you will have a great chance to blend yourself with the vast and azure sky and sea. They perfectly combine with 5 huge mountains to make the special and majestic landscape.

There are the vast coniferous forests on the top of mountains, while the small paths, some houses with the garlic fields cover the whole mountainside. In addition, the fresh seafood dishes made of cuttlefish, sea urchins, etc. in Ly Son are very delicious. You will love them.

If you want to take sea-bathing, Little Island must be your great destination. The majestic landscape of clean sea water can completely glamor you. To Vo Gate, Cave Pagoda, Cau Cave, and national flag tower on Thoi Loi Mountain are the great spots you should take into consideration.

Con Dao Island

The Vietnamese are very proud of Con Dao Island due to the important role of military, heroic stories and the unique beauty. According to many foreign sites, this place is one of 10 most attractive islands all over the world and among the top 20 islands containing the most mysterious things. Con Dao is also the place where the famous couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have come to pay a visit.

This place allows you to blend yourself with the majestic nature, a perfect combination of vast mountain, sky, and sea. Con Dao Island contains the long sea passage around 200km in length with many unspoiled beaches with clear sea water and colorful coral reefs. In addition, you can visit Con Dao National Park, or see the coral reefs under the water. Phu Quoc contains many famous historical sites such as Con Dao Prison, Han Duong Cemetery, etc. you should visit. They honor all heroic warriors fighting for the national independence.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is considered the paradise island of Vietnam. This is the great destination you should not miss when visiting Vietnam. Sea is around on all four sides of Phu Quoc Island, so you can easily visit the wonderful beaches which contain the clear water, peaceful and quiet atmosphere. There are many evergreen trees and 99 hills covering the whole island.

Coming to this island, you can totally enjoy the vast blue sea, white sand, wonderful sunshine. It is also a great idea to swim under water for seeing the colorful coral reefs or visit Vinpearl.

Moreover, you can totally experience some interesting activities such as catching cuttlefish, seeing the sunset in Dinh Cau Rock or riding a motorbike across the national park. Actually, Phu Quoc will stimulate all of your senses in the most wonderful ways.